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Looking for something fun to do at home? Bring the Ben's Bells studio to the comfort of your home with a Family Activity Box (FAB) Studio To-Go Kit. Help paint and decorate Ben's Bells kindness coins with our FAB Kit (an activity for all age groups and abilities) while also giving back to the community. Once the kindness coins are complete, return the kit to our studio where we will fire them in the kiln and sell them in our shop. Proceeds help support our education and studio projects and help further our kindness mission. Upon return of your completed kit, you will receive five kindness coins from our shop to thank you for sharing your time and contributing to our mission!

FAB rentals are for two weeks - please plan to return it back to the studio 2 weeks from the date it is picked up.


Please note, this product is only available for pickup at our downtown Tucson studio. Please select curbside pickup at checkout. 

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