Coffee Tote

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These burlap bags once contained unroasted coffee from Finca Mi Tazita, a small woman-owned farm in Celaque, Honduras. Farm owner Angelica Landaverde is a proud member of the International Women's Coffee Alliance - she and her son, Lorving, have been working with Yellow Brick Coffee in Tucson since 2011 when Yellow Brick's Founder, Anna Perreira, and her brother and current CEO, David, first visited Finca Mi Tazita. For the past 6 years, Yellow Brick Coffee has sourced coffee directly from Finca Mi Tazita.  
Each of these handmade totes features elegant and durable inner fabric as well as a cell phone pocket and a sewn-in Be Kind Patch.
Outer Dimensions: 19" x 14 3/4"
Inner Dimensions: 19" x 14 1/2"
Interior Pocket: 6" x 4 1/2"
Arm Strap Length: 23" 
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